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Theres not much to say about me. Im Tom, my pronouns are he/him. Im a digital artist. Im terminally online. Men are pretty, especially me.


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List of all the video games ive already played (more than 5 hours)

Underlined games are my favorites / the ones i strongly recommend. This list isnt a ranking, the order these games are listed doesnt matter. Feel free to recommend me some video games i could like!

PC games (or games i emulated on my PC) :

1. Stardew Valley

2. The sims 3

3. The sims 4

4. Adibou

5. Life is Strange 1

6. Life is Strange 2

7. Life is strange before the storm

8. Persona 3 portable

9. Persona 4 (+ Persona 4 Golden)

10. Persona 4 Arena

11. Persona 5

12. Minecraft

13. Civilization 6

14. The lion's song

15. Fallout New Vegas

16. Plants vs zombies

17. Hades

18. Disney Princess : Enchanted Journey

19. Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments

20. The Walking Dead Michonne

21. Portal 2

22.The Stanlet Parable

23. Watch dogs

24. Goat Simulator

25. Cities Skylines

26. TES V Skyrim

27. TES IV Oblivion

28. The council

29. Beyond Two Souls

30. Heavy Rain

31. Detroit Become Human

32. The Outer Worlds

33. Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc

34. Danganronpa Goodbye Despair

35. Danganronpa V3 Killing Harmony

36. Danganronpa Ultra Despair Girls

37. There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension

38. UNO

39. Paper mario TTYD

Out of the 20 games ive got on my steam library, ive played an average of 26,45 hours out of each game i bought. Which is fair, because i often get bored after 25 hours of playing these. I also play a lot of narrative games or indie games, with a small lifespan. I dont rly replay the video games i finished.

VTech games :

1. Dora The Explorer

2. Cars 2

3. Kim Possible

4. Toy Story

Playstation games :

1. Telltale The Walking Dead : season 1

2. Until Dawn

Nintendo console games (the ones i didnt emulate)

1. Animal crossing wild world

2. Animal crossing New Leaf

3. Animal crossing New horizons

4. Paper mario sticker star

5. Izanuma Eleven (WII)

6. Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games

7. Mario & Sonic at the Vancouver Olympics

8. Wii sports resort

9. Mariokart 7

10. Mariokart 8

11. Skylanders Spyro’s adventure

12. Super Mario galaxy 2

13. Super mario bros 2

14. Super mario 3d world

15. SMT IV

16. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

This makes a total of 61 video games i remember playing for more than 5 hours (i didnt count the games ive barely played because i got bored, such as undertale. i didnt count the browser games or the mobile games because i dont remember rly enjoying these, even only to kill the time). i probably forgot a few games here, but theyre probably not relevant if i cant remember these. as i dont play video games that much, i wanted to remember roughly how many games i played. i counted the educationnal games because i played these a lot when i was little, it was a lot of fun. im too lazy to find the average number of hours i spent on each nintendo video game i have, but its probably a lot, more than 70 hours for sure. I also spent a lot of times playing demos and never purchasing the actual game, because why not. The 3DS is my fav console, but i rly feel nostalgic when i think about the WII.