About me

Theres not much to say about me. Im Tom, my pronouns are he/him. Im a digital artist. Im terminally online. Men are pretty, especially me.


Cool buttons

My favorite characters

Near from Death Note

Izanami from Persona 4

Lady Macbeth from Macbeth

Hange from AOT

Hajime Hinata from Danganronpa (ME IRL!!!)

Kaede Akamatsu from Danganronpa

Martin Septim from TES IV Oblivion

Brent Halligan from The Mystery of the Druids

Saul Goodman from Breaking bad

Hideyoshi Nagachika from Tokyo Ghoul

Joe Tazuna from YTTD

Todd Chavez from Bojack Horseman

Herb Kazzaz from Bojack Horseman

FEMC from Persona 3

Ryoji from Persona 3

Ryuji from Persona 5

Morgana from Persona 5