About me

Theres not much to say about me. Im Tom, my pronouns are he/him. Im a digital artist. Im terminally online. Men are pretty


Cool buttons

Heres a list of things to do

- Finish this website

- Finish your wips

- Finish Hades and LA Noire

- Buy a game controller

- Emulate Trauma Center games

- Animes to watch : Akudama Drive, Inazuma Eleven

- Mangas to read : Hunter x Hunter, Space brothers, Dr stone, Jujutsu Kaizen

- Mangas to read again : Bakuman, Hikaru no go

- Work on getting your driving license

- Do some maths

- Visit the roman Museum

- Buy some clothes

- Finish the book youre reading

- Work out at the fitness center

- Create a Lovers arcana persona OC

- Create a cosplay costume

- Open commissions

- Check out this cool website